Visiting Teams


Greetings to all Visiting Teams

Listed below is information about the services you will find at Green Mountain College


Athletic Training Staff:

Keith A. Graham ATC                               Head Athletic Trainer               (802)-287-8242

Contact info:

Kip Shipley               Athletic Director                       (802)-287-8238
James Thivierge  Asoc. A.D. (802)-287-8244
GMC Security    (802)-287-8911
Athletic Department Fax                           (802)-287-8091


Medical Assistance:

Rutland Regional Medical Center                                                              (802)-775-7111
EMS for ambulance  911

Available Equipment and Supplies:

*AED                                                                                                              *Cooler with ice water
*Ice and Heat     *Crutches
*Vacuum splints  *First Aid supplies

Athletic Training Facility:

The athletic training facility is located in the Waldron Gymnasium, room 106.  It will be open and supervised two hours before each scheduled competition.  Please call ahead for any extensions of this time. Various modalities will be available in the main Athletic Training room in Waldron Gymnasium for your team and Certified Athletic Trainer use. If your team is traveling without a Certified Athletic Trainer, we would be happy to provide any assistance needed.  Please bring any taping supplies needed for pre-game taping and a note for any modality treatments needed. All preparations when possible should take place at the Athletic Training Room in Waldron Gymnasium.

Athletic Trainer Coverage:

A Certified Athletic Trainer will be present at all home contests.