Forms For Student-Athletes


It is the policy of the Green Mountain College (GMC) Athletic Department, that all incoming freshmen first year student-athletes or transfer students have a completed health physical form on file in the Athletic Training Department and with the GMC Student Health Services.  NCAA policy requires that these Health physical exams must be current, dated within SIX months of the student athletes participation in their sport.  Student athletes WILL NOT be allowed to participate in any practices or games unless current physicals are on hand.   Physical forms can be downloaded below.   If you are a returning student-athlete, you do not have to submit a new physical unless your health status has changed due to injury or illness since your most recent sports season, in such case, please bring a Physicians note clearing you for sports participation.    The athletic training staff will be performing updated health assessments for returning athletes.

New NCAA Drug-testing Requirements

Please be aware of NCAA rules which require documentation by your Physician for any ADHD medications.  Please provide the following information in addition to physical exams;

1.      A record of the medical evaluation for ADHD
2.      Statement of the diagnosis, including when it was confirmed
3.      History of ADHD treatment (previous/ongoing)
4.      A copy of the most recent prescription (as documented by your physician)



Health Insurance is very important for you to have in the event that you are sick or injured and need to be treated at a hospital or clinic.  Students are responsible for their own medical expenses.  Green Mountain College and the Athletic Department require that students have some form of health insurance, either under your parents(s), guardian(s), your own personal coverage, or the basic insurance policy offered by GMC. The student is required to maintain coverage while a Student-athlete at GMC. The student-athletes insurance must provide coverage up to a maximum of $90,000, after which the NCAA Catastrophic Insurance takes over.  NCAA policy requires proof of insurance coverage.  Every year please submit a copy of your insurance card, front and back to the Athletic Training department for NCAA verification of insurance.  Student athletes WILL NOT be allowed to participate in any practices or games unless this verification is on file with the Athletic Training department each year. 


Participation in sport requires an acceptance of risk of serious injury, including death. Athletes rightfully assume that those who are responsible for the conduct of sport have taken responsible precautions to minimize such risk and that their peers participation in the sport will not intentionally inflict injury upon them. This annual form must be completed and returned before the student-athlete will be permitted to practice or play.  

Please print and fill out all required forms listed below and return to the GMC Athletic Training Department

Pre-Participation Checklist
 Physical Form
Emergency Contact
Health History Questionnaire
Sickle Cell Trait Waiver

Keith Graham ATC
Head Athletic Trainer
1 Brennan Circle
Poultney, Vt 05764